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Marriage Application

  • Online Marriage Application Kiosk
  • This is the online marriage application kiosk for Rockingham County Clerk's Office in Virginia. By using our online marriage kiosk, you are filling out, at your convenience, all the necessary information required to obtain a marriage license in Virginia. Understand that by filling out the online application, you must still appear in the Clerk's Office and meet all requirements for a marriage license under the┬áCode of Virginia. Simply completing the online form does not mean you are married or have a marriage license in Virginia. A visit to the Rockingham County Circuit Court is required to complete the process.

    The Social Security No. or DMV No. field is optional online but is required to be completed at the office if the party has been issued a SSN or DMV Customer Identifier #. If the party has neither, it can be left blank.

    If you choose not to accept the conditions stated above, please exit this page.


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